Why should i visit vietnam ?

A nowhere-to-be-found travel experience

 #1: Breathtaking landscape .

 #2: Friendly and hospitable Vietnamese .

#3: Affordability .

#4: Coffee coffee coffee  .

#5: A nowhere-to-be-found travel experience

 #6. Exquisite cuisines 

# 7. Fast and easy immigration process 

#8. It’s a natural thing 

#9. Traditional festivals

#10. World famous beaches 

Vietnam is borded by China to the north, Laos to the west and Malaysia across the South China sea to the south west. The capital city of Vietnam is 'Hanoi' whereas the official language is Vietnamese and currency is 'dong' (VND).

 Vietnam has become e major tourist's destination since 1990. It is seemed that coastal regions are particularly popular among to risks as about 3.7 million of tourists visited vietnam in 2009 alone.

  Vietnam'a culture has developed over the centuries from indigenous ancient ' Dong Son Culture' with 'wet rice' agriculture as it's economy Base.  Vietnam had a plethora of festivals based on their native rituals. Among them 'Tet' new year celebration and traditional Vietnamese wedding have been most attractive. Due to the Vietnamese cultural activities, once you get there you will be lost in a typical paradise where you will feeling an actual difference apart from the the busy lifestyle. 

  Apart from the military fame of there, Vietnam has possessed by it's own stunning natural beauty. Therefore the scenery of 'Ha Long Bay' has taken place in world's natural wonders as the snap shots of it have invaded the natural wallpapers empire in Google.  The bay itself is dotted with 1600 limestone islands and islets and covers 1500sqkm.

  In purpose to get an ancient breath, you must be heading to 'Imperial Citadel of Than Long' in Hanoi. This ancient site was the political centre of the country for 13 consecutive centuries and was named as an UNESCORTED world heritage site. On the other hand 'Hoi An ancient town' on Hoi An must be seen by the true history loving travellers as it was the most popular trading port during the 16th and 17th centuries. These valuable figures have merged a clear picture of living history.

  Hence Vietnam was truly influenced by war, the relics and the memories of bitter incidents have still remained and have grabbed the tourists' attention. As examples 'The Cu Chi Tunnels' are basically a huge war museum offering tourists a sneak peak at the underground life of viet cong-era soldiers and 'The war Remnants Museum' in Ho Chi, is a shocking reminder of long and brutal Vietnam war.

  Moreover probably it seems vietnam has inherited of several UNESCO heritages such as 'complex of Hue monuments' in Hue, ' My son sanctuary' in Hoi An and 'Phone Nha-Ke Bang national park' in Quang. 
    Although the whole country consists with large green natural cultivated fields and tropical beauties,  large sand dunes can be seen in the same country in 'Mai Ne'. Gold, white and even red dunes have spreaded in a massive area as the second most popular between tourists apart from beaches.
  Eventually if you are pleasing to have a real different travelling experience, Vietnam is the best ideal destination as itself consists with the historical background and a spectacular natural beauty. The journey will actually become an unforgettable one.

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