Maldive beaches

  Maldives Beaches are awesome

   Maldives lives in Indian Ocean southwest of India and Sri Lanka. It consist of about 1190 Islands/atolls. Male is the capital and largest island which is located in the middle. Each and every island is surrounded by stunning white sandy beaches.

         Maldives is a tropical country covered by 99% of sea where possibly all the wonders of sea lie in. There are over five thousand coral reefs as much as the colourful fish stick around. Taking a one glimpse under water for a moment would make an unforgettable experience  as the sea creatures' empire rules.. Thousands of colourful figures have really invaded divers' minds.
            Also travelling in a sea plane is a breath taking experience. As we call it a tropical paradise, small pearl looking atolls with green tree tops can be seen in the blue ocean can see in a bird's eye view.
           If you have a booking in a resort usually transfer is arranged prior to your arrival. To the resorts near "Male International Airport on Hulhule island" motorboat or "dhoni" transfers are convenient. Otherwise speedboat or sea plane transfer can be arranged to your interest.
             In Maldives there is a sunny climate throughout the year. Light,cotton and linen wear is ideal. Do not forget your shades,hat and a sun screen if you don't want to get tanned because you are dealing with the scorching sun directly.

           Hence Maldives economy highly dominated with tourism thousands of hotels can be found to suit your budget. Booking a hotel away from capital is ideal to have a relaxing and a cheaper holiday. Anyway it is not hard at all to prefer a sea view room and a spa treatments. Further all resorts without exception have water sports centre that provide a wide range of water sports and fun activities. The most popular activities are snorkeling, wind surfing and catamaran sailing. Also each resort has a dive centre and are staffed by qualified dive instructors.

              In addition honeymoon tour in Maldives would become one in a lifetime experience. The couple can take a getaway to an uninhabited island by themselves and relax under the blue sky and have a candle lit dinner under the stars either. Also it would be really exited to have night fishing trips to see who catches more fish..
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