How to get started for a long time trip ?

Aren't you too exited about the vacation ahead?
Are u planning to go for a journey? 
Then this is a kind of 'todo list' to make it successful.


    Of course this is the first you do. But it is not just deciding what you should do!


   Type your destination in the search bar. You are not going to compose a high school assessment so just take a slight glimpse on images, the names of places you can visit there, the map and etc... Therefore you would be able to stabilise your chosen place to go or change it though.


   It would be better and safer if somebody else knows where you headed. On the other hand you can collect some useful tips to have more fun.

No.4 :- SERIOUS ATTEMPT(for foreign trips)

  As your passport should be stamped with a visa and a great effort should be paid to the tickets , I call it a SERIOUS ATTEMPT. These arrangements should be made at least 2 weeks prior to the journey. Before 1 month is best!


   This must be done as early as possible. Reserving place to stay ONLINE is the most suitable way. There are plenty of trustworthy websites to book a hotel room as you'ld prefer. Most probably the hotels would arrange your airport pick up and transport. But if you want to stick to your budget you must have a pre knowledge about the particular transports available in the country. As an example in countries like  India and Bangkok,  you can hire a TUK- TUK( three wheeled vehicle) which is popular and cheaper. But let the hotel to do your airport pick up as it's free and easy.


   Well,you are going to keep away from your daily habitual life for a while. Your some of habits , warm sleep on your own bed, your neighbours and maybe your meal plans are about to change for days. Therefore if you really are uncomfortable with adopting to new atmospheres literally you should get ready like an armed soldier. This is where you should do an intensive investigation about above mentioned facts in the title.
     Learning language also?? Seriously?? No. It's not learning. But knowing some regular words of the particular language will definetely help you to manage. It would be a help hand to find locations and to do shopping.


   Here we come to the most interesting part for the ladies. Also this is where you should be informed by the particular weather and climate forcasts of the destination.
    First of all, think about the duration you are going to stay away. If you are going to do shopping a lot there, you should pick only very few of your clothes from your closet because you will have to fill your bags with new things when you are coming back. Otherwise pack suit by suit while counting the days. For longer trips, half of clothes from the number of days is quite enough. But you must not forget to collect underwear as much as possible.
     Two pairs of shoes/sandals and 1 pair of flat slippers are enough at least. But depending on your journey and weather you might be needed with boots or more pairs of shoes.
        Also you must not forget to pick up the particular clothes according to the weather condition there.
        Finally your regular medicines, cosmetics and sanitary things should be  packed properly.


      Now your everything is ready. Take a piece of paper and write down all the things you need in the bathroom and in the bedroom regularly  in one side. Then write down all the things you have packed. Compare both sides and reveal the missing things.
     Eventually draw a flow chart by yourself l. It should start with the airport arrival. Then jot down place by place in order with the name of the hotel you are going to stay. If you are staying in same hotel just jot down the places you ld hope to visit.
Now you are literally quite ready for your journey. Take care of yourself and stay healthy until the journey is important.  At the very end avoid getting too late is necessary to avoid leaving things behind.

Have a great joyful journey!!!
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